on home …

I ran out of blogging gas and didn't post the events of the last few days of our New York trip.  Everything was wonderful, but it is also very nice to be home.  Our last few days were not quite as eventful as we largely just spent our time roaming around in the city without much agenda. 

We took a second stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, but this time during the evening so we could take in the Manhattan skyline at night, we ventured out to Brooklyn to see the neighborhood were M. was born, and we had two celebrity sightings in SOHO where we stumbled upon an appearance by the Jonas Brothers and we passed Harry Connick Jr. and his daughters in the street. 

The trip out to Bensonhurst, Brooklyn was a lot fun.  We met up with M's cousin who took us out to lunch and drove us around to see the house where M's family lived until they moved out to Long Island when M. was three.  M's cousin T. is VERY Brooklyn Italian.  She's very sweet, has this really funky Brooklyn accent, and force feeds you like you wouldn't believe!!!  T's daughter goes to college and works for this famous bridal gown salon called Kleinfeld's which is featured on the TLC TV show Say Yes to the Dress … In all honesty, that part was quite exciting …


By the way, who are the Jonas Brothers?  All I know is that a LOT of teenaged girls were standing in line outside of an Apple Store waiting for the Jonas Brothers to make their appearance.  They were waving signs professing their brotherly love and singing songs en mas, but that's all that I know.  It was fun to watch, but that's all that I know. 

Here's a short video clip of one of the waterfall installations off of the Brooklyn Bridge. It's kind of fuzzy because of the lighting, but hey … It's not bad for a standard little digital camera!

Finally, here are the last photos of my days in the city when I came across the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park, the Cozy Soup N Burger diner referred to in one of my favorite movies set in New York (Trick), the front front of the Magnolia Bakery where we went for a second helping of cupcakes, and M's childhood home in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.

Onassis ReservoirCozy Soup n BurgerMagnolia StorefrontM Brooklyn

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3 thoughts on “on home …

  1. I have never been on the Brooklyn Bridge (would love too). The bridal gowns are beautiful. I worn a nice flowing silk. Didn't help. lol Single for many years. I am happy with it.

  2. OMG — the Jonas Brothers! They are the cool teen boy band! They are good Christian boys who wear promise rings so parents can be assured that no one is going to get laid at their concerts. Plus, it's not likely that they'll pull a Lindsey Lohan.

    Check this out:

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