on bridges and chorus lines …

Today we took a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  The weather was incredible.  The sky was clear and blue with temperatures that were in the mid-seventies with very low humidity.  The views from the bridge are wonderful and the pedestrian walkway that runs through the center of the bridge has been in many many movies over the years.

BridgeBridge ManhattanBridge Manhattan 2


NYC is experimenting with bike and pedestrian zones in the city for three Saturdays in August so a 6.9 mile stretch starting from the Brooklyn Bridge all the way up into midtown Manhattan along one of the main avenues was car free from 7am-1pm. 

We walked up to Chinatown and met up with friends for some dim sum, then went into the Theater District to see A Chorus Line with Mario Lopez. A Chorus Line is one of my favorite plays and was truly fabulous.  Mario Lopez was okay, but I really felt like he was too young to be cast in the part that he had.  I'm glad that we got to see it at all because the show is closing this coming Sunday–August 17th.

After the show, M. had dinner planned with a friend from high school so I took a little excursion to Hoboken on the PATH train.  Hoboken is really nice, very clean, and offers really great views of the Manhattan skyline.

Hoboken ViewHoboken Terminal


It was a busy day, but I love New York!!!

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