on visiting MoMA with deiter and friends …

Today we took a foray over to the Museum of Modern Art with side trips to the Forbes Gallery and the TKTS discount ticket booth where we got half-priced tickets to the Saturday matinée for A Chorus Line.

Tickets to MoMA are usually $20.00 a shot so we decided we'd visit on a "Target Friday" when the Target stores underwrite admission to the museum for the public from 4-8pm (yet another reason to LOVE Target, huh?).  The museum, as to be expected, was packed.  Because of the weakness of the dollar relative to the Euro, New York is flush with Europeans of all stripe, but the museum was particularly filled with Germans.  When you think about it, this makes perfect sense … Germans and modern art, modern design, etc.  I kept thinking, however, that it really was like visiting the museum with Mike Myers as Deiter and his posse.  "Now is the time in the show when we dance …"

While I enjoyed the museum, I think that I could have used the help of an artistic guide … Hello???  Scooter Kitty are you there???  I know that art is supposed to evoke a response from me, but I'm guessing that, "HUH???" is not necessarily the emotion that most artists are aiming for.  I'm just saying …

Before making it over to Target Friday, we stopped in at the Forbes Gallery to see rich boys' toys and got tickets to see A Chorus Line which will be closing on August 17th.

Here are some pics of the museum and a video of some cool shadows I spotted that were cast by the setting sun on one of the walls in the museum's atrium. A pretty cool space.


Target FridayMoma TicketMoma EntranceRainbow ChairHuhHuh 2

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