on free excursions, skyscrapers, and cuban food …

The weather in New York continues to be wonderful.  Temperatures that are not too hot, blue skies with billowy white clouds, and moderate humidity make for good times in the city.

M. and I got a workout in followed by lunch at the Grand Canyon Cafe in Brooklyn Heights (where the TV Cosbys lived) where they serve my favorite burger (and you should know by now that I'm a huge burger freak) in the city.  I've noticed that my New York entries have had a lot of pictures of my food and in most cases, the food has looked a lot better in person than in the pictures that I've posted.  Just know that the food mostly has looked and tasted better than it would appear in these pics. 

After lunch, M. and I took our free excursion on the Staten Island Ferry.  The FREE ferry ride over to Staten Island leaves from the most Southern tip of Manhattan and takes you across the New York Harbor in front of the Statue of Liberty.  The trip on the ferry itself took about thirty minutes and I had visions of Melanie Griffith riding the ferry to Manhattan in the opening scene of the movie Working Girl. It really made me realize how many much New York is present in scenes in movies and TV. Anyway … We had to wait a half hour for a returning ferry, but on the way back we had a view of all four of the Waterfall Installations that are up in New York for the summer as part of a public art program.  Before getting to New York I was very excited about seeing the installations, but because of the scale of everything in New York, the installations just seemed rather inconsequential and rinky-dink.  Interestingly, unlike my food, the waterfalls are things that actually look better in the photos on their website than they do in real life.  But, hey, I say that we should give the city an "A" for attempting and funding public art of any kind!!!

Lady LibertyStaten Island 1Staten Island 2Staten Island 3Staten Island 4Waterfall

After the return trip to Manhattan we went to the tiny Skyscraper Museum in Lower Manhattan.  While it wasn't wouldn't make my list as one of the "must see" museums in New York, it was pretty interesting and I was happy that we took the time to find it.

We made our way uptown past Ground Zero where construction of the new Freedom Tower has begun, then we met up with our new tenant, S. for dinner at a Cuban restaurant in Chelsea.


Another really nice day. 

Tomorrow, we're heading out to the Museum of Modern Art because admission is free on Fridays between 4-8pm and we need to save on the $20.00 a head admission fee.


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