on calm days and found art …

We spent a very nice quiet day in Brooklyn today.  We worked out, then came back to our place in Flatbush and went out to the laundromat and did two loads of laundry. 

We went out for an early dinner with friends in our building and their eleven month old.  They introduced us to a restaurant called Pomme de Terre that was great.  A real highlight was just getting to the restaurant.  We always catch the subway so we often don't get to see parts of Brooklyn away from the subway lines.  As we drove through the neighborhood, we came across some gorgeous tree lined streets and mansions that I never would have believed existed in Brooklyn.  For dinner, I had a summer beet salad, followed by roast duck confit with duck sausage and green beans, and topped off with an apple tart tartin.  Everything was scrumptious.

TreelinedMansionPomme de Terre

One thing that is really nice is that in New York even when you don't go out to a museum you stumble upon art all over the place.  It is hard to miss.  I came across a small band playing Caribbean music in a tiny random alley in Brooklyn that was wonderful.  There is even beautiful art in the subway stations.  I know that ya'll are probably sick of hearing about me and the subways, but at the Transit Museum yesterday I learned that there was concern when the subway system was first being built that New Yorkers would not "go into caves" to ride transit.  As a result, an effort was made to create spaces in the stations that were inviting which resulted in art being installed in the subway system.  The plain old station at Church Ave. in Brooklyn has this beautiful mosaic that I didn't even notice until I got off of the train today.

MosaicMosaic 2Mosaic 3

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