on a ‘lil museum, square burgers, and totally original broadway …

Today was an absolutely beautiful day in New York!  The sky was a bright hue of blue accented by these white puffy clouds that looked like they were drawn by a pre-schooler.

M. and I worked out at the New York Sports Club in Brooklyn Heights then M. went off to meet a friend and I went off on my own. I headed into downtown Brooklyn to find the brand new (Opened on July 10th) TKTS Ticket Office in Brooklyn.  An organization called the Theater Development Fund operates ticket booths in New York where you can purchase same-day tickets for Broadway and Off Broadway productions for half-price.  There is a TKTS booth in Times Square.  It is by far the most famous one, but the wait for tickets there can sometimes be three or four hours long.  There is another booth at the South Street Seaport that we've used for the past few years.  The wait there is much better, but we still normally waited for about an hour each time.  Today, I walked up to the window in Brooklyn and had the tickets in my hand in five minutes!!! I got tickets to a musical called [title of show].  I knew almost nothing about the show, but as it turned out M. and I both LOVED it!!!  Totally original and very funny!!!  Sometimes it is a great thing to take a chance and just try stuff out. This turned out to be one of those times.

Other highlights of the day included eating lunch at White Castle.  I've wanted to eat at White Castle for years.  I now understand that in order to enjoy White Castle you probably need to have a case of Mary Jane induced munchies  … I probably didn't enjoy the experience as much as Harold and Kumar … But it was still worth a shot.  Sometimes taking a chance doesn't work out, but that doesn't mean that it was a BAD chance … Anyway, here's what lunch looked like …


After my White Castle "lunch" I made my way to the New York City Transit Museum which was another less well known museum in the city on my list.  What a FREAKIN' AWESOME MUSEUM!!!  The Transit Museum is retrofitted into an old subway station that is no longer used.  It shows how the subway, bus, and bridges were built and how they operate today.  I know it sounds horribly boring, but it is AMAZING STUFF.  Displays explain everything from how the subway tunnels were originally built, to how the current Metropolitan Transit Authority collects all of the money from stations through out the system on money trains, to how transit itself helped to shape New York into the community that it is today.  Best of all is that on the bottom most level of the station, they have subway and trolley cars on display showing their evolution from the late 1800s through the late 1980s.



Hey people in Hawaii … Vote to build the freakin' train already!!!!  (I've become a certifiable freak of a fan of subway systems and mass transit …).

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2 thoughts on “on a ‘lil museum, square burgers, and totally original broadway …

  1. The play looked totally fun. I went to their web page and around. Hope it continues to do well.I love museums. My grandfather and first husband worked on the rail road. So old trains are a passion. Toy trains are also great, but needs lots of space and money. lolSounds like a good time in the Apple. I have never been their. Hangs head, but I have been to DC and the Smithsonian museum. yummmmmmmm

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