on tiny museums and home depots …

Today's excursions were to the tiny Merchant's House Museum and Home Depot Manhattan. 

The Merchant's House Museum is little known museum on Bond Street near Washington Square.  At one time, the area was where the richest of the rich New Yorkers lived. The house was built in 1832 then purchased by a wealthy merchant for the huge sum (at the time) of $18,000.  I'd imagine that, that in current dollars that'd be many millions.  The family's history and a variety of circumstances lead to the house being incredibly well preserved and with most of the family's original furnishings in tact.  It is a wonderful little gem of a museum and should not be missed if you ever make it to the city.

The weather was gorgeous and clear so I was able to get some great pictures of the Flatiron and Empire State Buildings, then we had dinner at a really good, but cheap Thai restaurant called Spice in Chelsea.

Empire State BlueFlatiron

After dinner it was off to Home Depot to grab two gallons of paint so that we can get one of the rooms in the condo painted.

A quieter day, but sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.

Today's video is of the subway … Just because I LOVE the NYC Subway System!!!

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