on vistas and lots of fat white guys watching baseball …

We spent yesterday with friends of S/O (aka: M.).  We went over to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade where the best views of Manhattan are to be found, then caught the subway over to Little Italy.  Little Italy is adjacent to Chinatown and is an historic district (as, apparently, my people would have long overrun Little Italy and made it into Little China …). 

PromenadeBrooklyn BridgeLittle Italy Empire State

Today, we we went to a Yankee game.  Just 19 regular season home games left before the Yankees move to their new stadium next season.  M. and I were given box seats along the third base line about twenty rows behind the Angel's dugout.  I'm not much of a baseball fan, but just being at a game is a LOT of fun.  We were sitting in a section where the tickets are mostly owned by high powered corporations (our tickets came from a friend of a friend who is a senior V.P. at Lehman Bros.) and I'd have to say that today I saw more fat rich white guys than I think I've ever seen in one place in my life!!!  Wow!!! Our tickets also came with access to the Yankee Club which is up near the luxe boxes and S/O and I went up and had some snacks at the buffet.  We had chicken tenders, cheese, and meatballs.  As we were leaving we found out that it was a private party for guests of some company, but … err … I guess they didn't mind the riff raff intermingling before the game … or they just didn't notice us … But thanks for the pupus …

Yankee GameNew Yankee Stadium

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