on cupcakes, prosciutto, and melon oh my …

Another great day in the city!  We found our way to the Duane Park Patisserie, an AMAZING pastry shop in Tribeca that is owned my the sister of one of my fellow liberrians at school.  We had these heavenly chocolate cupcakes topped with chocolate frosting, but in addition to that they were magic.  Magic because when you bit into the cupcake, it was filled with an even more heavenly butter cream filling. 

OMFG they were GREAT!!!  I know that the magic cupcakes were a family recipe because it explained so on a plaque on the wall, but also because I've had those same cupcakes made by none other than the chef's sister … My fellow liberrian, M.

The kind folk at Duane Park Patisserie also pointed us to a restaurant around the corner so we had some amazing prosciutto and melon salad along with an amazing four season pizza.  Just enough, but not too much for lunch. 

The rest of the day was spent strolling uptown toward the Rockerfeller Center.  We stopped at Bryant Park along the way and had the benefit of taking in a free jazz concert in the park. 

The weather was a bit more humid and in the eighties today, but thankfully was nothing like the brutal heat and humidity that we experienced last year at this time. 

It's all good!!!

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