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We've left Honolulu and we're back in the paradise that is Los Angeles!  Getting home after you've been away for six weeks is a bit disorienting. 

We got in last night at midnight and got to deal with the wonderfulness that is United (Untied is more like it) Airlines.  I know that this is a horribly ageist, but damn … Those Untied Airlines flight attendants that work the Hawaii route are a bunch of grumpy old hags and man-hags!!!  They toss out a few cup 'o soda and then sit on their butts at the back of the plane complaining about their customers the whole time.  When we did our "final descent" they didn't even come through the cabin and make people put their seats into the all important "upright and locked position."  The 7 degrees of recline that the person in front of me employed as we landed could have been the difference of life or death in the "unlikely event of a 'water landing' or some other mishap that would have required me to evacuate quickly leaving my carry on items behind." 

I am normally a carry on only kind of travel guy, but since we're gone for so long, I check a bag (just one … under 50lbs in order to avoid the bag fee) when we go to Hawaii in the summer.  Getting our bags at LAX when we arrived reminded me exactly why try to avoid checking a bag whenever it is possible.  Untied  has at least four baggage carousels in their baggage claim area.  What does Untied do when they have four flights arrive at the same time?  They put the bags from THREE flights on carousel #1 and the bags from the fourth flight on carousel #2.  People on flights from Kahului, Honolulu, and Boston all had the joy of standing four deep trying to get their luggage while two of Untied's baggage carousels just sat idle.  WTF???  All I can say is that any slight sliver of hope that I had for Untied Airlines was effectively killed off after this flight.  I'm a total cheap-ass tightwad so I'll fly them if they're the cheapest, but let me just say, "United … You guys SUCK!!!"

On other things of note:

  1. My bamboo plant survived
  2. When I left for Hawaii I intended to take two apples on the plane with me to snack on, but I left them on the counter by mistake.  Apples are freakin' amazing!!!  This is what they looked liked after sitting on the counter for six weeks which, apparently, included a California heatwave!  They were on the verge of gross, but thankfully they were far from disgusting!!!

  3. All summer long, I had DSL access with Hawaiian Telcom and my broadband access was INCREDIBLE!!!  Now I'm back in L.A. and … "Time Warner … You guys SUCK JUST AS MUCH AS UNTIED!!!"

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2 thoughts on “on crazy travel stuff …

  1. LOL @ grumpy old hags and man-hags. They put even older ones on the long hauls to Australia! In the 8 years I have been flying back and forth I don't think I have come across anyone younger than 50!

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