on the last supper ..

Tonight is our last night here in Honolulu.  S/O and I always block off the last evening we're here so that we can have a wonderful family dinner, but my 83 year old mom got a better offer so she's blowing me off for the chance to go eat dungeness crab at my auntie's house!!!  WTF??? (Just kidding …). 

We went out for dinner with my mom and sister last night and we all had a really good time.  My mom was in good spirits and good humor–She's pretty much a kick in the pants!  She said, "Hey, it's dungeness crab …" That's pretty much all the explanation that was needed.  My cousin is a sea food distributor so I guess it is REALLY FRESH dungeness crab to boot!!!

Tonight we're gonna go over to my brother's house for dinner and hang out with his family.  I get to spend a LOT of time in Hawaii–six weeks in the summer, a week a Christmas, and a week-and-a-half in the spring, but I really miss being "everyday" close to my family.  Before I moved to L.A. we always had a standing dinner date at my mom's every Sunday.  I miss that.  I really enjoy hanging out with my brother and sister and would probably enjoy doing so even if we weren't siblings and as I've mentioned here before, I'm a BIG momma's boy when all is said and done. 

From here, we'll be back in L.A. for four days then we're heading over to NYC for two-and-a-half weeks so summer will go on … I just won't be in Hawaii.  It's been one of my best summers at home ever.  I got to set up and outfit our new condo and I've had a chance to get together with many (though not all) of my friends. 

I'm sad to be leaving … 

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