on eating from a bowl …

I like to eat from a bowl.  Given the choice of eating my meal on a plate or bowl, I'll choose a bowl nine times out of ten.  I think that my love of food in a bowl goes back to my childhood.  When I was a kid, we ate out of rice bowls. I mean, as I am a fourth generation Chinese-American we grew up thoroughly Americanized in just about every way possible, but eating from a bowl is probably the vestige of Chinese-ness that lived on in my family most powerfully (With the notable exception of Chinese-Mother guilt complex …). 

Anyway, S/O is Italian-American and loves everything about my family except our propensity to want to eat everything out of a bowl.  For S/O, eating anything except cereal, soup, or ice cream is just kind of wrong.  You know what?  I don't friggin' care!!!  If I want to eat my salad out of a bowl with chopsticks … I'm gonna eat my salad out of a bowl with chopsticks!!!

Today, I was walking down to the local shopping center when I happened upon this WONDERFUL establishment of fine dining … Hanazen: A Fun to Eat Meal in a Bowl … I think that kind of says it all!!!

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