on haters and parking spaces that i covet …

Okay, so … as a general rule going back as long as I can remember, lesbians have LOVED me!!!  I don't know why, but it just has always been so …  The lesbians in my life have always been good to me!  I LOVE lesbians!!!

Anyway … Everyone in the building that S/O and I bought into is friendly and wonderful with the exception of the two lesbians "handsome" women that have the parking space right next to ours.  I suspect that the two of them are lesbians, but I have no way of really confirming this since they have never once even acknowledged my existence when I have cheerfully greeted them in the six or seven times that I have run into them.  This is how it goes.  I say, "Good morning!" and they look through me like I am made of glass and they are reading the newspaper through my head. 

I mean, WTF??? RIGHT???

Anyway, the two hypothetical lesbians have two very nice cars–A Jeep Grand Cherokee and a brand friggin' new blue Audi.  As all of the units in our building only have a single assigned space and there are a limited number of street spaces available, residents in the building that have more then one car sometimes have to resort to the "space kapu maneuver." The "space kapu maneuver" is when someone in your household has a street space and when he/she is going to leave, a second person moves a car from your assigned space into the street space as you vacate it.  This is understandable to a point, but the hypothetical lesbians have made space kapu-ing into such an art that they have LITERALLY held the parking space in front of our building EVERY DAY since we arrived in Hawaii on June 10th.  I KID YOU NOT!!!!


I find this rather odd in that, effectively, they only have one car that they can drive around town as they always have to have one "kapu-ing" the space.  The blue Audi in this picture belongs to the hypothetical lesbians and this is the space that I covet above all others.  I'm down to less then a week to be able to find a way to get my car into that space so the pressure is now on.  I've come to realize in my middle age, that I have not outgrown being vengeful toward those who I think don't like me … And forgiveness is not one of my good things …

Which reminds me, this girl named Dana was really mean to me in eighth grade.  We were standing in front of the water fountain by the French classroom when … Well, perhaps that one might be best left for another blog entry …

But anyway … Here's the space that I am determined to make mine!!!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha …


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