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 S/O and I are back from the luxe life in Wailea.  We spent a total of four days and three nights on Maui, but just one night in the previously documented lap of luxury at the Fairmont. 

The first two days were spent with S/O's friends in upcountry at about the 4,800 ft elevation level on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala.  Maryanne and Bob live in a small town called Kula.  About a thirty minute drive from the Kahului Airport, Kula is an aggricultural community where people take adavantage of the cool climate and grow everything from flowers, to peaches, to artichokes, to strawberries, and more.  In recent years, Kula has become one of the many communities of choice for people with a lot of coin on hand so the community has evolved into a kind of interesting mix of wealthy folk looking to get away from the city and old time Maui farmers. 

In 2000, M. and B. (who are comfortable, but not "wealthy" just in case you are interested …) bought a huge plot of land from the guy who owns the Maui Jim Company (think sunglasses …) with the intent to build their dream home.  They finally completed it and moved in last December. The property is AMAZING!!!  The have a beautiful two bedroom, two bath main house with a beautiful kitchen and magnificent lanai, and a separate two bedroom, one bath guest cottage which has its own kitchen and a very cool old fashioned gas burning stove to warm the living room.

During the day when M. and B. were off at work, S/O and I spent the day wandering around the island.  We got famous cream puffs from an old school bakery in the charming town of Makawao, got some sun in Kaanapali, and went shopping for art in Lahaina. 

Maui is great! 

Maui 1Maui 2Maui 3



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