on vacations from vacations …

S/O and I are on the island of Maui.  For those of you who are geographically impaired (no judgment intended since I am one of the geographically impaired of the world), I grew up in Honolulu which is on the island of Oahu.  The way that it works here is that people from Oahu take vacations to the other Hawaiian Islands just like ya'll from the "Continent" do.  It happens that S/O is doing a favor for a friend and is attending and helping out at a destination wedding on Maui so the friend is PUTTING S/O UP at the FAIRMONT KEA LANI HOTEL in Wailea and I am tagging along.  In case you are like me and generally don't know much about the luxe life, "FAIRMONT KEA LANI" is in capitals because it is one of the most friggin' expensive hotels on Maui … We're talkin' like, $675.00 and up for night for a night in a regular room.  S/O and I DO NOT normally travel this way!!!

Anyway, hypothetically, I am appalled by Americans who travel around the world and lock themselves up in fake luxury bubbles and don't really ever get out and meet the real people who live there.  I mean, people go to Mexico or Bali or Maui and never leave their five star resorts and meet people who live and work in the locales that Americans visit.  Errr … I have to say that now that I am on the inside of the luxe bubble looking out, I can see why it appeals.  OMFG!!! It is so beautiful (Artificial, yes … But indeed, one cannot deny that it is beautiful … And when you get out of the swimming pool you just help yourself to the nice thick plush towels.  You don't have to sign your life away or anything!!!  Just help yourself!!!). 

I suppose that I really wouldn't want to ONLY travel this way, but boy, it is a pretty SWEET splurge … Especially since I'm getting to enjoy it on someone else's coin!!!

Gah!!! It really frightens me how easily I will sell out on my "principles" when a free night at a five-star hotel comes my way!!!  THE SHAME OF IT ALL!!!

But then, check out these sweet pictures!!!  So damned beautiful and believe me when I say that the pics don't do the real thing justice at all …

CoveView of KahoolaweLobbyLobby View

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3 thoughts on “on vacations from vacations …

  1. UNFORGIVABLE! LOL!!!Wow. I am now even more jealous of your life! I need that to happen to me. Hum, I need some extra skills 🙂 hee heeHope you are having fun! Looks amazing!!!

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