on the week dollar …

So … I'm a tad confused by Target this week.  Ya'll KNOW that I LOVE Target and since Hawaii does not yet have a Target (under construction and due to open in 2009, though) I have had to deal with some of the symptoms of Target withdrawal this summer.  In order to mitigate some of the most severe symptoms of Target withdrawal, I studiously peruse the weekly Target ad online every single week (I know, that's weird since I can't BUY anything, but just ignore that for now and go with the flow).  This week's ad, however, has me in a bit of a pickle.  You see, according to the ad, it is "Dollar Week" at Target, but … err …

What can I actually buy for a dollar?  Am I the only one confused by this advertising concept???

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2 thoughts on “on the week dollar …

  1. Holy crap! They have raised all there prices by about $3.00! What the HECK? This is why I use coupons. But ack. This sucks! I swear, I can barely afford gas and now this? I'm seriously getting another job 😦

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