on dancing in the streets … and the mountains … and the …

I realize that I am probably the very last person on the planet to see this, but it made me so happy that I'm going to post it anyway. A guy named Matt Harding posted a video with clips of him dancing his way across the planet and it has become a complete phenomenon of its own.  He has a website here

In an odd way, the sheer joy of a bunch of people doing this goofy dance together made me cry.  I'm so tired of being angry about how screwed up our world is that it was just nice to be reminded that people everywhere are probably not that all different than anyone else on the most basic levels.  Let's all make an effort to remember that we need to dance and laugh a hell of a lot more than we've been doing and ultimately most people in the world want the same things out of life … To be happy, for their kids to thrive, to be joyous … 

I need to choose to make life less complicated …  and just choose HAPPY!!!


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3 thoughts on “on dancing in the streets … and the mountains … and the …

  1. Fun! I'd seen one of the earlier ones but didn't realize he was still doing it. I followed your link to his website and was noodling around in there with my headphones on, having an enjoyable mid-afternoon break. I was doing fine till I played the spider/crab video and got to "One… singular crustacean…" and then I had to explain to a couple of people why I was suddenly laughing out loud.Nice post. Cool link.

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