on pg-13 language …

Our house guest is a Serbian immigrant.  He has been living in the United States for many, many years so his English is very good, but even now he sometimes puts his own brand of quirky twists on English phrases and idioms.  He recently, for example, moved into a new apartment and held a, "house warm-up party." 

House guest discovered a little coffee house down the street that serves freshly baked pastries.  Each morning, he has been walking down to the coffee house to buy their fresh baked muffins and he has gotten very friendly with the two young local women who work behind the counter.  Apparently, he has been bursting into the coffee house each morning and declaring in his booming voice and in his thickly Serbian accented English, "I LOVE to smell your muffins … I want your muffins!!!" 

Now, house guest has absolutely no clue why this makes the two girls burst into peals of laughter (if you don't know either see definition #2 from the Urban Dictonary here …) and give him great service (and apparently delicious muffins …) so S/O finally explained.  House guest isn't the type to be embarrassed by stuff like this so he just had a great laugh over his … muffins …

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