on the fourth …

Kat, a pal of mine from high school just started dating a Major in the army and he recently returned from Iraq.  She's put together a pretty cool blog of her trip to Salina, Kansas to welcome he and is unit back from their yearlong deployment in Iraq.  Check it out here

Two members of her Major's unit, however, didn't make it back from their deployment.  About them, Kat writes: 

Two other members who trained with Mick were also killed in combat.  In January, the advisers were attacked by insurgents in Diyala Province and CPT. Thomas Casey and MAJ. Andrew Olmsted were killed.  MAJ. Olmsted had been writing a blog for the Colorado Rocky Mountain News and had a friend post his final blog in the event he was killed.  For a very honest and poignant view of the war from a soldier’s perspective, please read his farewell message at  livepage.apple.com     (andrewolmsted.com)

Major Olmsted's final blog entry is very much worth a read.  I second Kat's plea to read his farewell message some time over this Fourth of July weekend.  

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