on “peekaboo ocean views” …

S/O and I are spending the first part of our summer at our newly purchased condo in Honolulu.  Having a vacation place to stay in Hawaii is a dream come true for me.  Our place is a small but nice modest place.  If money were no object and I had millions to blow, it's doubtful that I'd be staying in the condo we're in.  However, that I work for nine months out off a year and can still have a vacation place in Honolulu still pretty much blows my mind.  All I can say is that it certainly is nice to be in a relationship with someone who understands finances and how to make our money go an awfully long way …

I picked up a free real estate circular from a stand in Honolulu this morning and views like the one that we have are listed as "peekaboo ocean views."  Hello … that means we basically see buildings, but can see specs of ocean from our balcony.  In defense of my current dream condo (which I LOVE, by the way), I also have a "peekaboo view" of Diamond Head. 


So here's my view:


I know that it is hard to make out from these pics so here are some specifics:


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