on a really LONG lunch …

Went off to lunch with two friends from high school yesterday.  We met up at the Cafe that is in the new Nordstrom store that just opened in Honolulu.  The Cafe is this weird kind of hybrid place were you stand in line and order cafeteria style by pushing your cafeteria tray down a counter.  Any food that is hot gets delivered to your table so they give you one of those numbers on a stand.  If you order a salad, you stand and wait for it.  If you order a drink, you get a cup and serve yourself cafeteria style, but once you are seated servers come around and refill your Diet Coke.  While the concept is kind of weird and confusing, the food was quite good and the nicest part is that they let us sit and talk and talk and talk and talk.  Believe it or not, we met up for lunch at 1:00pm and got up to leave at about 5:30.  There were lots of open tables so we weren't holding a table that needed to be turned and we left a very nice extra on top of our regualr tip, but still … That's a freaking long lunch and the servers were really nice about it. 

I forgot to take pictures of my food, but thanks to Crissy K. and Mark S. I have pics of the front entrance and the Tropical Fruit and Chicken Salad that I ordered.  Very tasty (as it should have been for $11.00).

My pal K. was very excited because she's working on a relationship with a Major in the Army that she met on Facebook.  We're old (we celebrated our 25th high school reunion last year) and I NEVER remember K. being serious about a guy like she is now.  She obviously likes him a lot.  He returned from his year long deployment from Iraq last week (they've been dating long distance online and he's been back for a few leaves) and she flew to Kansas to welcome him home.  They'll be taking off on a trip to Spain for two weeks next week so I have my fingers crossed and I hope things work out for her.  She's a beautiful woman (a former beauty queen, actually), is a FANTASTIC teacher, and is very close to finishing her PhD. Though I haven't met him, I've heard a lot about the Major and he seems like a stand up guy.  K's parents have met and like him so that's a plus.  Major is also originally from Honolulu as well so he won't be dealing with island fever on top of dealing with the adjustment of returning to life back at home after a year in a combat zone (two men from his unit were killed during the course of the year).

When you move away from a place like Honolulu where people tend to stick around and stay rooted to the community, it's nice to go home and realize that just as you've left and changed and grown, the people that you leave behind are also going through their own change and growth process.  It brings such joy when you know that your friends are happy, excited, and thriving in their lives. 

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2 thoughts on “on a really LONG lunch …

  1. I haven't bought orange juice so I'm not sure, but I DO know that the Costco price for a gallon of milk in Hawaii is the same price that I pay for two gallons in LA. YIKES!!! Gas in LA is more per gallon though …

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