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Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City – Kristen Miller

 One evening, twelve-year-old Ananka Fishbein is minding her own business when an enormous sinkhole opens up near her apartment in New York City.  The sinkhole uncovers a Shadow City beneath the bustling streets of Manhattan.  While exploring the tunnels exposed by the sinkhole, Ananka meets the very mysterious Kiki Strike, a black wearing, Vespa-riding, coffee drinking girl (extremely petite) with a shock of snow white hair who seems to appear and disappear into thin air. 

 Kiki Strike, comes to recruit a posse of talented group of quirky outcast young women to a group which she names the Irregulars.  The Irregulars set out to map the tunnels, entrances, and exits in the forgotten Shadow City deep underground and in the process they encounter, a million rats, Girl Scouts, assassins, and royalty. 

 A fun and unique adventure of a read.

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