on endings …

The Big Building with Lots of Books and Lots of Teenagers Making Lots of Noise is no longer.  It is gone.  ***SIGH*** It was the first library that I worked in as a librarian so it is kind of sad.  There really were a lot of things that I actually hated about that building: horrible sight lines, bad acoustics, second floor loft, no classroom/instructional space, etc. but the reality is that most school librarians around the country would have killed to have a facility like the one that we just smashed into dust.  We're really just kind of spoiled …  The space that it once occupied is being leveled to become an athletic field and our new library is being constructed on newly acquired property adjacent to the current campus. 

Anyway here are some "before" and after shots.  "Before" is in quotes because although I have some great pictures of the facility in all of its beautiful (and it really was a beautiful kind of modernist ivy covered building) glory, they are on the hard drive of my computer at home so all I have is this kind of crappy construction "before" shot.  The thing that I think I'll miss most is my office space that I shared with Scooterkitty.  Our kids took markers and wrote all over the walls before we closed up for the last time.  There were lots of laughs in that office (and a few tears, but mostly laughs …) …

Goodbye old library … And thanks …

Library that wasOffice GoingHWconstruction 013Going 1

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One thought on “on endings …

  1. Wow… it's so crazy to see the library being torn down. You have been living with all the changes at middle school for so long, but I still think of it the way I left it two years ago…. Thanks for sharing!

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