on … line!!!

I spend most of the summer in Honolulu where I grew up.  S/O and I bought a condo to use as a vacation property and it is wonderful.  Since getting here ten days ago, I've been running around like a crazy man getting the place set up.

This afternoon, we finally got our DSL line and wireless router up and running.  I don't realize how much of an online junkie I am, but since this is Hawaii and businesses in Hawaii move at a pace all their own, it takes ten days to get a DSL line activated here.  As my Internet access has been limited to the short bursts of connectivity that I have been able to "borrow" from my neighbors with unsecured wifi networks, I've had to do without access for the most part for the last ten days.   It is PAINFUL!!!  OMG … I'm like a junkie having withdrawal symptoms.  You don't realize how often you pop online to e-mail someone, check on a movie time, or look for an address of a business in town!!! 

Anyway, I have great access now. My Slingbox is working wonderfully so I can watch my LA Cable TV box on my laptop on the lanai of the condo with the sun setting in the background.  I'm a happy, happy camper!!!

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