on things going swimmingly …

Last night I started back with the masters swim group that I join up with in the summer months.  OMG … I almost … DROWNED-ED … The club was gearing up for a masters' swim meet this coming weekend so they were doing a lot of sprinting.  I'm not made to go fast.  I don't go fast on land, I don't go fast in the water, and in fact I don't really even go very fast in a car.  I'm just not made to go fast.  Anyway, in our regular morning workout swim group at work, we get a workout posted on a board and we all do as much of the workout as we are able to manage in the 50 minutes that we have to swim. The master's group is very different. The coach stands on the pool deck, calls out the next interval and yells, "GO!"  And you have to swim or you look stupid.  Anyway, I'm one of the slowest people in the pool (that's the slowest of the men, the women, the old men, and the old women … they're all rather fast) so what that means is everyone else gets more rest than the slowest people.  Over, say, two-hundred yards the fastest swimmers probably have an extra twenty or thirty seconds rest over us less pinniped-like types.  All I know is that at the end of an hour of trying to keep up with everyone else in the pool, I was beat.  My arms and legs had that sad jello-like feeling.  I guess it means that it was a good workout, but just not so good on the ego.  To make matters even worse than that, they practiced race starts so we practiced diving off of the pool deck to start the intervals.  I don't dive so well.  It wasn't pretty.  On the upside, one of the coaches promised to teach me how to backstroke.  I've kind of tried to learn to backstroke by watching it on TV, like, twice and that hasn't been too successful, so I'm looking forward to some help with that.

Another upside is that I went ahead and signed up to do an open ocean race two Saturdays from now.  It'll be my second one, ever.  It's about a mile long out on the North Shore.  I'm really looking forward to it and am really excited about it.  The first one that I did last summer was AMAZING!  The water was so clear that I could see down probably 30 feet to the bottom where there were fish and sea turtles just hanging out in the reef formations. 

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