on pride!

Just got home from West Hollywood Pride.  OMG … It was SO GAY!!! 

I must say, the gays are learning to put on a much better parade as the years go by.  In years past, there were a lot of "floats" that were really just uglyass flatbed trucks with some crepe paper streamers hanging off of them.  I mean, not to perpetuate stereotyping or anything (well, maybe so …), but come on … Gays, if anyone, should know how to put on one hell of a kickass parade don't you think?  Think about it … An abundance of marching flaggers, baton twirlers, lots of cheerleaders, Dykes on Bikes, drag queens, gogo boys … When it comes to showy parade stuff the gays have it all.  Thankfully, the gay pride parade is beginning to mine more of the community talent pool and the parade has come a long way.  I don't know if it has to do with the recent California Supreme Court ruling that cleared the way for gays and lesbians to get married, but there were a LOT more folk celebrating gay pride than I've ever seen before.

The highlight of the whole day, however, was that none other than Olivia Newton John was the headliner at the main stage at the end of the night.  I didn't have my camera so all I have are these crappy phone pics. 

She is SO eighties that she is completely GREAT all over again.  Xanadu … Hopelessly Devoted to You … Physical … You're the One that I Want … Magic … All so wonderfully camp that they're just … WONDERFUL … And SO gay …

As I was standing under this huge luminescent helium balloon in the middle of this park in West Hollywood, I realized that the very first concert that I ever saw in my life was Olivia Newton John.  I was in the fifth grade and it was on a Thanksgiving night.  My dad dropped me and the kid who lived next door off at this tiny civic arena and I go to see Ms Olivia.  I was in heaven, then … And I got to relive the experience once again thirty three years later … It was heaven …

You have to believe we are magic … Nothing can stand in our way …


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2 thoughts on “on pride!

  1. Holy crap! I saw them in concert, too. And Bette Midler … And Barry Manilow … And Elton John … Err … There was a pattern even before I knew that there was a pattern to be had …

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