on crazy demolition!!!

Our school year is ov er.  In preparation for our move into a new facility, we packed everything in the entire building into boxes.  On Wednesday, we accompanied our kiddos on class trips.  I went to the Happiest Place on Earth and when we returned, the Music building was no longer.  I returned to campus today to catch a shuttle bus to our graduation ceremony and half of the big building with lots of books and lots of teenagers making lots of noise had been whacked down with "THE CLAW!!!"  It was CRAZY and COOL and AMAZING and a LITTLE SAD all at the same time.

Check it out.



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3 thoughts on “on crazy demolition!!!

  1. On trip day I sat with a bunch of other people and we watched the destruction. I was hoping it would be like when they implode Vegas casinos, but it wasn't so exciting. One of the guys that was tearing down the building wasn't wearing gloves and he had sandals on his feet.

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