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Little Brother
Cory Doctorow

Little Brother – Cory Doctorow

Marcus is seventeen and is one of those kids who is great at gaming the system.  After his high school installs gait recognition software in an effort to  "increase security," for example, Marcus is the one to figure out that slipping a few pebbles into one's shoe causes the system to fail to recognize the gait as that of a student–very convenient for those times when you just MUST leave campus during the middle of the day to take part in an intense game of Harajuku Madness in the streets around San Francisco and the Bay Area. 

Unfortunately, one of his Harajuku Madness jaunts away from school, coincides with a frightening series of terrorist bombings in the Bay Area.  Homeland Security teams that swarm into the area following the bombings mistake Marcus and his Harajuku Madness team for terrorists and they are taken into custody for a week as a matter of National Security. 

After their release, Marcus and friends find their world changed.  They return to a world where numerous civil liberties that they have taken for granted as Americans have been declared null and void so Marcus sets out to set things right. 

A great fast paced and thought provoking read!

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