on meth, and pot, and coke, oh my …

Wow!  A whole lotta college kids got busted in a drug sting down at San Diego State University yesterday.  I must be getting OLD because unlike some of the comments posted on some of the blogs about the incident, I thought, "Hey, yay to the DEA!"  I'm not so naive to think that this is going to dry up the drug pipeline and make SDSU into a pristine drug free place, but what else is the school supposed to do?

To those idiotic people who might now think, "I'm not sending my precious drug free little Johnnie or Janie to SDSU."  I say, "H-E-L-L-O!!!"

There was also an interesting article on it at Yahoo news.  Click here.  The part of the article that jumped out at me was, "Parents joined students at a campus rally Wednesday calling for more drug-abuse treatment instead of tougher enforcement."  It has been my experience that a pretty big percentage of parents that I have talked with over the years always want TOUGH enforcement … Until their little Johnnie or Jannie is the one busted … Then, it's all about compassion and the good lessons learned … If they can just have another chance … Go figure … 

It's all just kind of sad in the end.

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2 thoughts on “on meth, and pot, and coke, oh my …

  1. The problem really is inescapable no matter where you go to school. I went to a tiny private Christian college and there was a drug problem there as well.
    I think enforcement is the best way. Yes, treatment programs are good things in most cases, but if "the law" (whoever that might be) makes it a pain to be a dealer, then perhaps the dealers will go elsewhere.

  2. I think we're coming from things in exactly the same way. We need treatment for people, but we also need to enforce the laws that we have. I went to college in Hawaii … Drugs were everywhere, but some people chose to be druggies and some people chose not to. If you choose to be a dealer, though … That can't fly.

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