on being over it all …

Objectively, I have one of the best jobs that exists in the real world.  That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't times when I just feel like, "I'm OVER IT!!!"  'Tis the season for me to be OVER IT!!!  Construction has made the big building with lots of books where I work into a freakin' hallway where, literally, HUNDREDS of young people end up passing through each period of every day.  Construction has also taken away many of the places around campus where our young people normally hang so they have no choice but to sit at tables just outside of the doors to the big building with lots of books and scream at each other in the way that middle school aged young people do. 

I think my head is going to implode unless I get some relief from this situation soon.  A new big building that will house our many books is being built and when it is done the current big building is gonna get wacked with the wrecking ball.  I suppose that I will feel sentimental about it when the time comes, but right now I'm too damned irritated with kids and faculty to feel misty eyed about wacking down this friggin' hell hole (as it is right now) of a facility.

I've recently come to understand some things about myself:

  1. I am not a "people person" so will all of you please just leave me alone …
  2. I over the new school librarian philosophy of "go ahead … talk in the library"  WTF … A little bit of quiet studying and zen contemplation never hurt anybody so will ya'll just SHUT THE f*&% UP!!!  

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2 thoughts on “on being over it all …

  1. You mean the idea of people carrying on normal-level conversation like they're in a bar or shrieking to be heard over the roar of the winds of the Grand Canyon … that's the new "library voice" now? RUBBISH. That's what I say.I say that as someone who is never shy about hissing an angry, "SHHHHHHHHH!" at some little angel whose mommy or daddy is so desensitized to Precious's 189-decibel whine that they think the rest of us should be inured to it as well. Likewise, I am not too shy to glare malevolently at somewhat older children who dare to make eye contact, and I won't the first to look away either. I'm just waiting for someone to say something about it, but so far no one has.My god, the library is one of the few remaining public places on earth where one can go to read or study or do research, all of which require a modicum of attention and concentration, and people need to take their self-important conversations outside.Is what I say. (Why yes, you did hit a nerve. How could you tell? – she asked innocently)

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