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The God Box
Alex Sanchez

The God Box—Alex Sanchez

High school senior, Paul, has been dating Angie since middle school.  They have a great time together, share many of the same interests, sing in the church choir, and are active members of the school’s Bible study.  Everything seems like it’ll be great for their senior year until Manuel arrives on the doorstep of the high school in their small town.  Manuel, as it turns out, is a committed Christian, but he is also gay, out to the world, and unapologetic.

Meeting Manuel causes everyone in school to question things that they’ve never before felt compelled to question.  Can one be both a “good Christian” and be gay?  What does the Bible actually say about homosexuality?  Is supporting a gay classmate the same as encouraging a gay lifestyle? 

Meeting Manuel, however, raises some even bigger, and scarier questions for Paul than for some of his classmates.  Are his feelings of attraction for Manuel just a phase or something more?

One of the best and most “real” novels about gay teens written for young adults that I have read.  Though I tire of the fact that it seems that one of the characters ends up getting gay bashed in just about all of the YA books on gay teens that I read, the characters are well developed and thoughtful.  IMHO an important book for library collections.



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