on the town in toronto, day 3 …

Rundown on the day:

  1. Another really cool school in the morning.
  2. A pretty good session on the mandatory information literacy curriculum (I didn't really hear a lot that I didn't already know, but the more I hear, the luckier I realize I am that I have the work situation that I do … I exhist in as close to liberrian nirvana as you'll probably ever get!).
  3. Lunch at the Skylon Tower which is this rotating restaurant overlooking Niagra Falls.
  4. Got to see the falls close up … WOW!!!
  5. Went shopping at a kind of quaint, but borring village called Niagra By the Lake.  Lots of nice quaint shops that middle aged liberrian ladies probably liked, but there were no shops with Jackalopes, maple leaf embellished bottle openers, or t-shirt shops with witty sayings like, "My grandma went to Niagra Falls and all I got was this stupid shirt …" kind of stuff so it wasn't all that interesting to me.
  6. Went to a vineyard and winery (did you even freakin' KNOW that grapes could grow in Canada???) where we learned how to taste wine properly even though I don't like wine and don't drink.  We tried a white, a red, and an ice wine (their specialty) which was pretty cool.
  7. Got back to the hotel and went for a walk.
  8. Saw a building on fire and the Toronto Fire Department sawing through the roof and pouring a LOT of water onto it.

Great day!!!



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