on the town in toronto …

My boss and my co-workers have been kind enough to let me run away with enough clean undies and socks for a week wrapped up in a bandana and tied to the end of a long stick.  They let me run off to the beautiful city of Toronto for a conference of people who work with lots of young people in buildings with lots of books.  Everything has been amazing!  In my mind all of Canada is the GREAT WHITE NORTH, but I arrived on Tuesday and the weather was a very balmy 21 degrees celsius (I think that is about 72 degrees???) … Anyway … the weather has been clear and warm and like Spring in a cliched Disney cartoon … It's been that beautiful!  

This morning I got to visit a georgeous all boys' school and hear a very well known Canadian author, named Eric Walters, speak.  He said a lot of really excellent things, but his arrogant presentation style kind of irritated me as he reminded me of some of the young Candians that I met backpacking through Europe many moons ago.  They struck me, then, as arrogant and condescending (and I'm sure they thought the same of me), but they (and me) were young at the time and since that time I've found my professional Canadian counter parts to be amazing and gracious.  This author, though, seemed to be stuck in his arrogant and condescending phase.  I suppose that when you're middle aged and are still arrogant and condescending, that it is pretty much a personality flaw rather than a "phase."  In truth, and in spite of his style, what he said has substance and his presentation was very worthwhile.

In the afternoon we went to an absolutely amazing all girls' school.  We heard abou their recreational reading programs, then got tours of the school.  The girls that gave us tours were poised, confident, and incredibly bright.  The school was impressive to the nth degree.  They just opened an really incredible athletic complex with a climbing wall, pool, gym, and a first rate weight training and cardio center with machines that are specially sized for women's bodies.  WOW!!!

This evening I went wandering through downtown Toronto on my own.  What a great city.  It is a lot like New York, but it is cleaner and the pace is a bit more sane and, by the way, Canadian people DO NOT jay walk … Oooops … My bad.

Tomorrow we're off to another school visit in the morning and a trip to Niagra Falls in the afternoon.  I can't wait!!!

I've taken a whole bunch of pictures, but I forgot my mini USB cord and I can't download anything so sorry, but the pics'll have to wait until I get home.

That's all for now … 


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