on fitting rooms for mars and venus …

I had to go out last nigh t and buy a new pair of pants because I needed a pair of grown up pants to wear to school today.  Obviously, I haven't been coming to work nude, but I've been wearing all of my fat clothes which are all jeans and casual wear.  Today is one of those special school events when our sevies (seventh graders) get to invite their grandparents to spend the morning in school with them so we all try to put on a good face and wear our grown-up clothes.  Some teachers always look grown up and come to school as they always do, but I'm a bit of a slob so I have to make an effort to clean up for special occasions.  I have some nice grown up clothes in my closet, but I caught a case of obesity from my officemate Scooterkitty (which she explains nicely here) so none of them fit very well right now and this basically explains why I was at Target last night waiting in the fitting room line wondering, "What in the World do women do in fitting rooms that takes them so long, anyway???"

This has been a mystery to me since I was a kid waiting for my mom to come out of the fitting rooms at the local Macy's.  I've always thought that womens' fitting rooms were a bit like Snoopy's doghouse.  You never got to see the interior, yet, you just KNEW that there was a lot more going on in there than was supposed to be going on.  This is what I've imagined the difference between fitting rooms for men and women to be:


Last night, four girls must have spent at least a half-hour in there while they each tried on each of their six allowed garments.  They weren't very please when the fitting room attendant told them that if they wanted to try on the other items that they had brought to the fitting rooms, they'd have to stand in line behind the nine of us who were waiting for them to get the heck out of the fitting rooms. 

Come on ladies … Go do the spa thing someplace else so the rest of us can try on our inexpensive pants from Target (with the stretchy old-man waistband)!!!

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