on becoming a character in a john hughes movie …

Many moons ago I became a teacher so that I could touch the lives of young people.  After all, society loves stories about great and inspirational teachers so those stories are all around us.  Take a quick browse through any random neighborhood video store and you find stories like that of Jaime Escalante teaching inner city kids advanced mathematics, Michelle Pfeiffer wooing Dangerous Minds, Robin Williams inspiring budding minds to think anew in The Dead Poet Society, Mr. Kotter welcoming back a bunch of Sweat Hogs, Julia Roberts inspiring young women to demand more from life than the status quo … You get the picture. 

I’d love to be like any one of them.  My experiences with students this week, however, have lead me to the realization that I am none of these teachers.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the line I have become the psychotic and bitter Principal from the Breakfast Club–I'm Principal Vernon (but without the benefit of a title)!!! 

I don’t know exactly when it happened, but it has happened for sure.  ***SIGH***

As a teen, I thought that John Hughes captured the feel of life as a teen with amazing insight and I always identified with the aptly depicted teen experience.  I always thought that I might BE a John Hughes movie character … (Perhaps the guy with the Porsche from Sixteen Candles because … he had a freaking Porsche in high school for god's sake!!!)  It’s kind of bizarre to realize that instead of red Porsche guy, I’ve now become the clueless out-of-it figure of authority guy. ***SIGH***

Then, again, we all have our roles to play and every angst ridden teen needs someone to rebel against so it is what it is … Therefore, to all you teens out there let me just say, “Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that we’re not, indeed, out to get you!!!” ***CUE EVIL  LAUGHTER***

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