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So, former professional golfer and now TV golf commentator Bobby Clampett apparently referred to Liang Wen-Chong (who I had never heard of before) as a "Chinaman" during a TV broadcast of the Masters.  Now, frankly, I'm pretty tired of all of the the political correctness police so at first I took the blurb on AOL Sports with a grain of salt.   As I read on, I got more and more pissed!!!  As a Chinese-American guy my first reaction was to think, "That's unfortunate, but Mr. Clampett should be corrected and we should all move on." 

In reality, as a Chinese-American,  what I found more annoying is that Mr. Clampett, according to the AOL article, gave one of those "If I offended anybody, please accept my sincere apologies" apologies that isn't one since the "If" basically means, "I have decided that you shouldn't be offended … So whatever, but I don't want to lose my job so here's your pound of flesh." Do I think he should be fired? Nah, but I'll just never be a fan.

What distressed me more than the fact that Bobby Clampett called someone a "Chinaman," than gave an annoying non-apology were the comments posted to the article.  They made me realize why the political correctness police have to be so friggin' nutz and strident.  Most of the comments were just incredibly insensitive and racist about Asians in general and Chinese-Americans in particular.  What bummed me out most were some comments from posters who identified themselves as black or African-American and then went on to say incredibly insensitive racist things.  I suppose that expecting African-Americans to be more sensitive to my sensibilities as an Asian-American to be a bit (small "r") racist in itself, but I expected that as a group, African-Americans would be most aware about how sensitive it can be when a label is imposed on a group from the outside. 

There was also a lot of ignorance.  A good number of posts didn't see a big deal because he is indeed a "Chinaman" … a "Man" from "China" just like someone is an "Irishman" or an "Englishman."  WHA???  I'm guessing that it was rare for the lynch mobs to scream "die f*&%ing Irishman" just before stringing the guy up for serving green beer.  Just in case people think that "Chinaman" isn't used as a slur any longer so therefore is acceptable … You're f*&^ing wrong!!!  I know because that's how the drunk asshole in Florida referred to me as he was coming down the sidewalk as in, "Get off the sidewalk … F*&%ing Chinaman!!!" 

So to all you racists out there, I say … "FUCK YOU ALL!!!"  

Have a nice day everyone.

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