on updates

  1. The guy who owns the used furniture place was a tool so I had to keep the sofa set that I was unhappy with.  I offered him $250 for him to let me out of the purchase, but he said, "NO DEAL."  I have come to realize that I paid WAY too much for the set so it is unlikely that he'd be able to sell it for as much (I guess suckers as stupid as I are few are far in between so business owners have to take 'em when they can get 'em) even with the $250 that I offered.  He was absolutely within his right to do so.  There was no deception at all on his part, but some day he'll want someone to cut him a break and I sincerely hope that he gets the the major screw up his butt. 
  2. The manager from the furniture store that had the funiture that I liked called me and said that a group of people were putting in a very large order.  Because of the size of the order, they were able to get the furniture from the suppliers at a reduced price so she was able to offer me a 20% discount.  I know that it might all be a matter of sales tactics, but it worked.  I ended up putting a deposit down on a SECOND sofa set.  I'll take delivery and pay up on the balance when the furniture comes in, in June.  The first set (the junk one) will get Craig's Listed and I'll see what I can get. 
  3. I'm back at work.  Tons of kids are all over the building with lots of books doing research projects.  Eighth graders have a project due on Friday and seventh graders are working on a longer project that will be due later.  We're also in the midst of construction so access to one of our classroom buildings is blocked meaning that the easiest way to get to the classroom building is THROUGH our building.  We've become a f*&%ing hallway!!!  It is all that I can muster to keep myself from standing on a table and screaming, "Shut the f*&% up!!!" at the top of my lungs. 
  4. I forgot … I'm also majorly annoyed at some of my collegues here at work.  They give kids these freaking obscure topics to research and I want to tell them, "Hey … You with the Master's Degree, YOU come find more than one paragraph worth of information on this topic that you gave to this poor twelve-year-old human being.  I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND STUFF!!!"   

I know that I'm grumpy and complaining a hell of a lot, but it is what it is.  If I ran the world, I'd give myself the right to kick a lot of people in the ass.


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2 thoughts on “on updates

  1. If I ran the world, I'd give myself the right to kick a lot of people in the ass.
    I fully support this idea. The would would be a much better place if all the idiots could be punished for being idiots.

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