on buyer’s remorse …

Spring break is in the air, folks.  I have seven more days of time off from work in the salt mine school. I know that compared to, like, 99.999% of the rest of the human race the fact that I have a Spring break that gets supplemented by a Winter break which lays the foundation for the all important Summer break is nothing to sneeze at, but it seems that I am just the kind of person, who, when there's nothing to stress about will manufacture something. 

I'm in Hawaii on my own for the break.  My main goals were to move all of our things out of our townhouse unit that will be getting rented and move them into a condo unit that S/O and I purchased recently, and purchase a furniture set that I've been dreaming about getting for about the past eight years.  I have done very well on goal number one.  The townhouse is just about cleared.  I have a few rusty patio chairs and a mildewy folding card table that needs to be hauled to the dumpster, but all of the other things have been successfully moved into the condo.  The beds, two headboards, and an old sewing machine once owned by my grandmother will be moved by a crew Saturday. 

I, however, haven't been as successful with the purchase of my furniture set.  I've dreamed about getting this beautiful furniture set made of acacia wood for about the past eight years.  When I actually went to buy the set, however, I had a HUGE case of sticker shock as the set cost more than the the total that I paid for the first three cars that I owned (they were old crappy heaps of junk, but still … they were cars).  I flinched and, instead, bought a similar, but not nearly as nice set from a used furniture store and now I'm sad.  I have a HUGE case of buyer's remorse and I want to go back and buy my dream furniture, but the used furniture store has an "all sales final, no return for any reason" policy. The fault is all mine.  The store was completely upfront about the policy and I signed a statement to that fact. All that does is make me feel worse.

I went back to the used furniture store to see if I could work something out with the owner, but he wasn't working today so I have to go back tomorrow morning.  I've been in a bit of a funk all day.  I'm hoping that I'll be able to convince the owner to let me out of the sale and I'm willing to cough up some dough in order to make it worth his while, but there are no garauntees that he'll go for it.  He doesn't need to, so if he says, "no deal."  I'm stuck with some fairly expensive furniture that I don't really LOVE. 

I know that I'm being incredibly whiny about this as most people would love to have the furniture that I've (for now, hopefully) purchased, but it is kind of like brides and their gowns.  Until now, I really couldn't get how a wedding dress could be so important to a girl, but I realize now, that she might have been dreaming about getting married in a dress that looks a certain way since she was in the second grade.  When the time comes to buy her wedding dress, it might make financial sense to buy a nice dress on clearance that is, "okay" for six hundred, but sometimes … You have to say screw "financial sense" and go buy the dream gown and be Cinderella at the freaking ball for a day.  Okay … I still don't REALLY get the dress thing, but I do understand, now, that sometimes you should close your eyes and ante up for the thing that fits your dream.  Not every time, of course … But once in a while blowing more money than you should is the right thing to do and I think this is one of the times that I should have just closed my eyes and gone for it. 

I won't die if I can't get a refund on the used furniture, but it'd be nice to have this little dream come true for me …  Then I could be Cinderella …

Wish me luck … I'm probably gonna need all that I can get …

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