on lots of time and obsession …

It's Spring break, people!!!  Yay!!! And Happy Easter!!!

Being Easter and all, a lot of the places that I go to in order to waste the days away are shuttered and closed.  No Target.  No Costco (Though IKEA is open from 11:00-7:00 so all is not lost).  When I have a lot of time on my hands, though, I tend to manufacture things to obsess about.  Today, my obsession has turned out to be my teeth. 

I don't, you see, have beautiful teeth.  My choppers, while not serial killer ugly, are a bit stained as I'm addicted to Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi.  They're also not perfectly and evenly shaped as my top front teeth are rather large and (I suspect) evoke visions of Bugs Bunny in some that I meet. Finally, right now, I have a visible chip in one of my front teeth.  I've had the chip for a while and my dentist in Hawaii does some magic with some kind of enamel or epoxy bond stuff and makes the chip go away, but I chipped the bonded material off again a few weeks ago so I look like Mr. Snaggle Tooth at the moment.  Help is on the way, soon.  I'm returning to Hawaii for Spring break so I'll get to have my semi-annual cleaning and my dentist (who happens to be a high school buddy who doesn't charge me for the work) will get to repair my snaggle tooth.

The thing is, that with all of the attention I've been paying to my choppers, it has occurred to me that my teeth look like they're beginning to get crooked again.  As a kid, the services of an orthodontist were WAY beyond our financial means so I grew up with wildly crooked teeth.  I have very few pictures of myself smiling as a kid because I was always so very self-conscious about the state of my choppers.  When most people get their first "grown up job" they usually go out and buy themselves a great stereo or a new car … I went out and got braces.  Absolutely the best money that I've ever spent!!!  I wore my retainers for a good ten years after I got the braces off, then for some reason I stopped wearing my retainers completely after moving to L.A. eight years ago.

Yesterday, for the first time in what must be at least eight years, I squeezed my retainers over my teeth.  In all honesty, they fit MUCH better than I would have guessed.  My teeth ache a little, but I think that I'm going to try wearing them at night for a few months just to get my teeth shifted back to their nice post braces straightness. 

I hope that isn't too stupid.  Say cheese!!! 

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2 thoughts on “on lots of time and obsession …

  1. I'm obsessed with my teeth, too. After my parents spent TONS of money getting them all straightened out (and a few oral surgeries in there as well… they were really f-ed up) I've tried very hard as an adult to keep them in good shape. Flossing, fluoride, the whole shebang. So, GOOD FOR YOU for 1) still having your retainers after 8 years of not wearing them, and 2) for using them to make sure your teeth stay straight! Bravo!

  2. My bottom retainer is still attached in my mouth. Every once in a while one of the kids asks me, "Mr. C., why do you have metal teeth?"

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