on target shopping on a monday mornin’ …

I went Target shoppin g this mornin'.  Yes, it is a work day, but I was not there in the big building with lots of books.  While Scooter Kitty and crew were covering for my sick butt I got to go to Target … Woohoo … Alas, it wasn't as great as it seems.  I basically went to the pharmacy and bought cough medicine and then picked up some duplex creme cookies on the way to the register. 

I needed some non-non-drowsy cough medicine.  You know, it is pretty hard to find cough medicine that doesn't have big yellow letters that say "NON-DROWSY FORMULA" or something like that on the front.  Apparently, I'm a rather rare breed.  I'm a big fan of drowsy formula cough medicine.  You see, I usually only take cough medicine at night so that I can sleep and … You know what? … Non-drowsy formulas make it hard to sleep!!!  The funny thing is that being drowsy must be a really bad thing because the drowsy formula cough medicines all say "P.M" or "Night Time"

rather than "Drowsy."  Being that I'm Mr. Information and all, I can read between the lines and figure out that this is the cough medicine that makes you sleep like the living dead.  Thank goodness for "Night Time Cough and Cold."  

I'm feeling better.  I hope that I'll be able to go work tomorrow.  I forget how boring being cooped up in the apartment can be and, boy, daytime TV really sucks the big one!!!   

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