on tv addiction and withdrawl …

I am a TV addict.  I was r aised by TV (well, half raised).  I had a good number of friends in the neighborhood, but TV was still one of my best pals.  Beginning in the fourth grade, I was one of those poor "latchkey" kids who (horror of horrors) caught the bus home after school, let myself into the house with the house key that I wore on a chain around my neck, did my homework, than watched TV.  I had to finish my homework quickly, you see, because if I took too long I missed the Checkers and Pogo show which was a locally produced show that was hosted by (I have now come to realize, very creepy) Mr. Checkers and his old-guy sidekick Pogo Poge.  After Checkers and Pogo, the lineup included the Brady Bunch and Get Smart.  Occasionally, if we were lucky, there was a wonderful ABC After School Special that would air from time to time so that all of us TV kids could learn about the dangers that could result from throwing eggs at the neighborhood outcast or some other topic just like that (in those daze the dangers that could result from poor decisions by latchkey kids as outlined by the ABC After School Special producers was usually along the lines that the victims feelings got hurt and that made everyone feel bad … Sadly, today, the danger for doing mean things to the neighborhood outcasts can literally be middle schoolers at your local campus gunning people down with assault weapons on the quad … but I digress …). 

Anyway … I tell you all this only to illustrate my relationship to the TV.  As a result, though, of the writers' strike, I have been abandoned by my old friend.  My old friend Tube is a mere shadow of that he or she once was … It's tragic!!!  Every new episode of Ugly Betty has been shown and Battlestar Galactica season 4.0 has not yet begun so all there is on the tube is crap like Big Brother.  WTF is up with that show? Why on Earth do they keep bringing it back?  It's boring as hell! 

Last night, however, I stumbled upon the season finale of Project Runway.  Yay!  Thankfully it is on Bravo, a network that, I guess, tends to be short on programming so if you wait a month or two, the Project Runway marathon will pop up and you can enjoy the whole thing in two days … 

Anyway I know who won.  It was the gay guy!!! 

What were the odds of that, huh?   Well, that's what makes for good TV … Throw in the unexpected and have the gay guy win the clothing design contest.  NICE!!!

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