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City of Ember – Jeanne DuPrau

Lina and Doon live in a a city deep underground.  In the city where they dwell, all memory of a life up on the surface of the Earth has been lost and the people of the city of Ember are convinced that there is nothing but nothingness beyond the city's limits.  All is not well in Ember, however, supplies that were once plentiful are running scarce and the city's lighting and electric system are failing, now with regularity.  It is up to our young heroine and hero to find their way out of the city and rescue the people of Ember.

In all fairness, this is a book written for an audience quite a bit younger than the seventh through ninth graders with whom I currently work.  I wanted to read it mostly because a few younger kids that I've interviewed for admissions have mentioned it as a book that they've enjoyed.  While I found it okay, the plot holes big enough to drive tanks through kind of drove me nuts.  Obviously, though, the book provides an enjoyable reading experience to kids so … All the more power to Ms. DuPrau.  One is enough for me, though.   I won't be reading the sequel The People of Sparks.

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