on political confusion …

I was all but convinced that Barack was going to seal the deal yesterday so now I'm very confused about it all.  I have already written about the fact that I would be happier if Hilary were the clear candidate, but that I'd vote for Barack if he were the nominee. 

At this point, I suspect, that if the fight for the nomination goes down to the wire, the only way the the Democrats have a chance of winning would be for both of them to be on the ticket with either Hilary at the top or Barack at the top, but with both names there someplace.  Why?  I suspect that if Barack isn't on the ticket, young voters and black voters may stay home out of disappointment.  On the other hand, if Hilary isn't on the ticket, I suspect that a pretty big chunk of middle aged women might do the same.  Am I being too cynical about Democratic voters in general?   I would hope that I am just being a crotchety old fart, but since this is my blog I get to assume that I'm right and that's what I think would happen.

I suppose that some of the disappointment could be abated if, say, one of them is asked to be the V.P. nominee and graciously declines and then campaigns hard for the designated nominee, but that's kind of a dicey bet. 

I also don't see that either of them is just about the Democratic team.  Both candidates WANT TO BE PRESIDENT BADLY.  If you think about it, in politics today, you only get one shot to be at the top of your party's ticket …  Remember a guy named John Edwards?  Think about it.  If Barack is the nominee and Hilary gives him a luke warm endorsement and her voters stay home, he'll probably lose.  Who, then, will be THE CANDIDATE in 2012?  Hilary!!!  It works both ways.  If Hilary is the nominee and Barack gives her a luke warm endorsement and his voters stay home, she'll probably lose.  Who, then, will be THE CANDIDATE in 2012?  Barack!!! 

So this begs the question, "Is either one willing to be No. 2 on the ticket?"  Hmmmm … I'm not REALLY convinced that either is the second banana type.  What do you think?


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3 thoughts on “on political confusion …

  1. My hope is that they do will put their pride aside and be vice president for one or the other. That's my hope. But what I fear is that there are deeper social issues that would make it impossible for one or the other do be number 2. Hopefully, for the good of this country, they will not fall into the camp of entitlement.

  2. I think that Barack is young enough that he could settle for veep and still have a shot at the White House in a few years. Of course most of the pundits are saying that if Hilary's the nominee, whoever is vp will be third in command at the White House after Hilary and Bill.I just hate to see them going negative on each other. They're just providing sound bites for the republicans to use in the general election campaign. Unfortunately, it looks like it's going to be ugly and divisive the rest of the way….

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