on being a political loser …

I have come to the realization that I have been a political loser for the vast majority of my adult life! 

I grew up in a very Dem land and while my family wasn't "poor" like … "Get stuck in New Orleans during Katrina poor …" I grew up in a household where money certainly was very tight to an extreme.  I was given a financial aid scholarship to a pretty great prep school in my Dem homeland so I got to see how the "other 10%" lived.  These experiences made me into, I think, a pretty LIBERAL voter by most people's standards.  Unfortunately for me, I came of voting age just when the country was fed up with liberal big government federal programs and ushered in the age of Reaganomics.  As a result, I've been a political loser for just about my entire adult life.  I had a nice run, of course, during the Clinton years, but that felt like more of a blip in the bigger picture, than anything else. 

Well, at the beginning of this Presidential election cycle, I finally felt like MY political time had come and a new progressive era was going to dawn, bring an end to this horrid new gilded age under our current shrub.  Well, I see Hilary as the best person to ring in my new progressive movement with the political skills to make it happen and once again, I think that I'm going to be a political loser.  I don't dislike Barack and I will vote for him should he be the Dem candidate.  If he is the candidate I HOPE with all of my heart that he wins, is our next President,  and does it well.  He even graduated from the same fancy pants prep school that gave me that nice scholarship, but I just don't believe that he's the best choice for the job that I want done. 

Here are my resources to things that characterize my political life:

This video is what I fear will happen with an Obama Presidency in a nutshell:

Check out what Sandra Tsing Loh has to say:  Here

And finally, a note to Ralph Nader:  Dude, get over yourself.  Thanks to your friggin' 2% of the vote we probably lost Florida and were rewarded with four more years of Shrub, and now have Justices Alito and Roberts.  Is the environment better off now that the Supreme Court has gutted most environmental legislation?  Is big business better regulated now that the Supreme Court has allowed Shrub's Administration to run amok?   You're a dumbass!!!  It's time for you to go away!!!

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