on when having a weekend is a bad thing …

I finished my weekend.  As weekends go, it was alright.  I like weekends and all, but it is my fervent hope that that one day I will be able to live with six Saturdays and a Sunday.  I was counting on winning $270 million dollars in the Megamillions Lotto last week, but as you can see here,

out of thirty possible numbers I got all of ONE FRIGGIN' NUMBER!!!  I mean, WTF???  One number??? 

Needless to say, in order to avoid homelessness, I have had to returned to work and therefore, after four more days in this big building with lots of books, I will once again have another weekend instead of six Saturdays and a Sunday as was my plan.


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One thought on “on when having a weekend is a bad thing …

  1. Yeah, I was thinking I was going to win that $270 mil too! Can you even imagine what you'd do with that kind of money????? Geeze, I tried to imagine it today and I just can't! lol I think the man who won is from Georgia and lives in a trailer (I just saw him tonight on TV). He played his grandkids birthdays. What are the odds of winning using birthdays…. I think it's a God thing! lol

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