on why i heart costco …

I heart Costco because:

  • A huge piece of pizza and a drink for $2.75
  • Lucky brand jeans are available for under $50
  • A container of organic spring greens costs $3.75 and the same thing is $6.99 at Ralph's supermarkets
  • I picked up a screw in a tire one afternoon and because I had bought the tires from Costco three years earlier, they repaired and rotated my tires for no charge.  On top of that, the tire department doesn't take cars after 6:30pm, but because I was in a pinch, they made an exception and took my car at 6:45.  Would employees from a company like Time Warner Cable have done the same?  Fuck no!!!
  • I was picking up some Airborne for Scooter Kitty during one of my regular shopping trips and a cashier went out of her way to track down an Airborne coupon saving Scooter Kitty $3.00!!!
  • Did I mention that a huge piece of pizza and a drink is only $2.75?

The only caveats I would give people about shopping at ye old warehouse store is that you should be careful to avoid proximity to a Costco on the day before Thanksgiving and the day before the Superbowl.  There'll be a LOT of suburbanite types shopping for turkey fixin's and chips and guacamole on those days so entering a Costco on those days could be a rather dangerous proposition.

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