on our gilded times …

I'm not much of a historian, but does it strike anyone else out there that we seem to be living in our very own new gilded age?   A country deeply divided politically, rapidly growing disparity in the distribution of wealth between the wealthy and the poor, corruption in government is rampant, immigration issues play a pretty significant role in both the political and social discourse … The parallels just seem to go on and on.

All of this stuff has recently occurred to me because I just found out that my trusty Netflix membership now includes free streaming video content and one of the first movies that I watched online was a documentary called Maxed Out.  If you haven't seen it yet, make the time to find and watch this movie!!!  It'll make you mad.  As a child, my family went through pretty significant financial stresses so watching parts of this film made my heart ache and I very literally got stomach pains as I heard the stories of some of the people in the film.

If we really are, as I believe, in a new gilded age, one can only hope that a new progressive era is somewhere out there on the horizon. I know that lots of people will disagree and think that I'm a crazy liberal idiot, but it is what it is …

There are a lot of Americans out there working hard and scratching by just trying to make ends meet, but who continue to cast their votes in American elections for people who advocate policies against their economic best interests.  It's time to get over the fears of a couple of gay people wanting to get married or fears that a one payer medical system will prevent them from seeing the "very best" oncologist in the event that they get cancer (come on people … if you are middle class, or even upper middle class, the reality is that you'll get to see a competent oncologist, but the best guy is only treating the richest folk in the land and if you are poor or lower middle class let's just hope you get to see SOMEBODY …). 

In today's politics, "It's about the economics, stupid …"  Don't be idiots and keep voting for Republicans because they'll protect your family from the ails of teen pregnancy and defend marriage from the gays.  They don't give a fuck about your family's well being.  They're just trying to make their business friends richer than your God.  Your choice is to get over the social issues being used to manipulate you or, if you don't and you can't make ends meet, then, well,  you get to live in the country that you voted for.

P.S. to Democrats … Don't be dumb asses and blow the election. 

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