on my new nephew!!!

My brother sent me a pic of my newest nephew.  Brother's three youngest kids had to work quite hard to earn their sibling.  They've been angling for a four-legged sib for a LONG time.  When I was home for Christmas, I got to see their "chore chart."  My two-legged nephew who is seven was particularly determined to earn enough points to get a four-legged sib. Two-legged nephew's two sisters who are eleven and six, on the other hand, went the C-student route and did just barely enough to be sure that dad didn't nix the whole idea of getting bowser.  Their chart required them to satisfactorily finish all of their chores for about six weeks in order to show that they were responsible to take care of another living thing.  They did, apparently, pretty well except for one day in particular that dad had written "PENALTY!!!" across one full day.  Apparently that day wasn't so good …  Anyway, here is a pic of Yoshi W.  His first two names were Einstein and Nigel, but I guess that Yoshi is the one that seems to have stuck.  I like Einstein better, but then, I didn't have to do chores for six weeks so my vote didn't count.  He's a cutie anyway!

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