on young ‘uns that get under your skin …

Have you ever met kids that just have a way of getting under your skin for no reason? 

Working with young 'uns means that you WILL have your share of kiddos that get under your skin for good reason.  If you've spent even an hour or two with an early teen you know what I mean–the eye roll, the sigh, the curl of the lip, the condescending apology and the rest …  Luckily, I've enjoyed the vast majority of the time that I've spent with teens over the past eight years. 

In all that time, however, I've come across a handful of kids that just seem to have a special ability to get under the skins of the adults with whom they come into contact.  There's a young man on campus that for no reason that I can identify for myself, gets under my skin and just bugs the hell out of me.  Truly, I don't know what it is that he does, but it seems like every interaction I have with this kid starts off with me trying very hard to be pleasant and ends with me wanting to rip his head off with my bare hands.  He's not BAD and he doesn't give me a lot of ATTITUDE, but for some reason, the kid just pisses me off!!! 

It happens that this young man rides home on the same school bus that I do (I ride a yellow school bus to an off campus parking spot).  While riding the bus, the driver is in charge so faculty members largely don't do a lot of discipline of students.  Anyway, today, our very mild and easy going driver yelled at the makes-Mr.-Ambookgeek-crazy kid for a relatively mild rule infraction that the driver normally would just calmly correct with most other kids.

It is so weird, because I've seen this phenomenon happen with this kid and a variety of different teachers and adults around campus (and BELIEVE ME when I say that our campus is NOT a YELLING-CUZ-WE-HATE-ALL-TEENAGERS kind of place).  I can't put my finger on it, but SOMETHING that this kids does sets people off. 

I feel bad for the kid. I really want to cut him some slack in the future, but I've made that resolution more than once already and it hasn't gone so well …

Here's to giving it yet another college try, though …

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2 thoughts on “on young ‘uns that get under your skin …

  1. Good luck with that! I myself and not very good at keeping resolutions. My resolution for 2008 was to not swear. At all.
    I didn't make it past January 4.

  2. Oh God! I really know how you feel as I actually live with a kid like that. And it's not just me who feels like this so I know I'm validated. I try SO hard not to let it get to me but I lose it every other day. Maybe one day she'll grow out of it and the world won't beat her up too bad but who knows:) Good luck to you though!

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