on rainy days and kingsford’s brickettes …

So, yeah, it's been a rainy day in SoCal today.  I know that people think that SoCal is the land of wonderful weather and stuff, but I grew up in Hawaii so while I do enjoy California's low humidity, the whole "Wow we here in SoCal have the best weather anywhere on the entire planet" thing just doesn't really float my boat a whole lot.  To tell you the truth, I like the rain.  Overall, I miss the fact that it doesn't rain much here. 

That being said, however, I must say educational institutions in SoCal are rather poorly designed for rainy days.  There aren't many places on campus for our beautiful young charges to find refuge from the elements so our big building is, alas, the place to be in order to stay warm and dry.  We begin our Winter break in two days so our charges are not exactly in the mood to sit quietly and read stuff so being in a building with, like, eighty of them at a time can be a bit … err … wearing on one's nerves.  You'd think that the the holiday's around the corner, they'd all be on their VERY best behavior so as to not piss off Santa, but that doesn't really appear to be the case for a number of these folk. 

This afternoon, I served as closing person so I was in the big building by myself from about 3:30-5:30.  Given the rain and the season, I wasn't being too over-the-top strict about the noise level, but then it got to the point that I really couldn't ignore the holiday fiesta taking place on the second floor.  When I got upstairs a young "lady" who had earlier given me a crap load of Attitude that I chose to ignore (kind and loving being that I am) had her veritable buffet out on the table.  Now, eating in the library is a BIG DEAL for most in my profession, but frankly, I really don't give a rat's ass about eating in the building so most of the time I just have them put it away.  Given that this was strike two and I already had, had the Attitude, however, I very politely reminded her that eating wasn't allowed in the big building.  I thought that I was quite nice about it … thank you very much, but then I had to have the following interaction.

Me:  "Hi, yeah, you can't eat in here and you're making an awful lot of noise so you have to go grab a table outside."

Young "Lady":  "That's so unfair, it's wet outside and I wasn't the only one eating so I shouldn't be the only one to have to leave."

Me:  "That works for me.  Your friends who were eating can pack up and go, too.  You know who they are so you can decide who goes."

"Friend" Who Got Narc'd Out:

Me:  "I know.  It' is incredibly unfair that I have to be telling people that they can't be eating and making a lot of noise up here, but THANK YOU for acknowledging the fact that you've put me in this position.  That's very mature of you."

"Friend" Who Got Narc'd Out:  "That's not what I meant."

Me:  "Oh … Did you mean that it was unfair of her to narc you out then?  I'm not getting what you're saying …"

"Friend" Who Got Narc'd Out:   "Never mind."

Me (With stupid look on my face):  "Ummmmm.  Okay … thanks.  Bye …"

Santa hasn't asked me yet, but when I get his e-mail, I'm recommending that some of these young people get Kingsford Brickettes in their stockings.  Sadly, though, Santa might have to give me a brickette for being a dick, but in this case it would be worth it. 

LOL … Happy holidays all!!!


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